Authored by LARRY VANYI (With David Yeubanks)

(The following note is written by David Yeubanks)

Larry is a personal friend of mine and graciously chose to put my name on the book because of my contributions to his research; however, it would not be entirely accurate or fair, in my opinion, to suggest that I am the "co-author" of his work, though segments of the book were indeed written by me (the included segments are actually portions of articles already represented on this website that Larry desired to include in the book). I love Larry as my bro in Christ, I am also honored that he saw value in some of my contributions and wanted to help give them a broader voice, and I am glad I could help him in some way accomplish his desire to publish for review a subject that is near to his heart; however, Larry really deserves the bulk of credit for this book that he labored long and hard to produce - and with a great deal of expense I might add. I love you Larry and thank you for the great interaction we've shared as brothers in Christ! I hope there is more we can work on together in the future.

I am happy to report that Larry also offers a freely downloadable version of this book for those interested. You may also purchase hard copies if you wish, which is a great way to share it with family and friends. See his website for details.

There were a few small excerpts of my comments, included in the book, that were edited by Larry with the intent to help them better flow with the specific direction of his book. This was, understandably, thought to be necessary because the comments used were taken from articles on this website ( that were not directly composed for inclusion in this book. Part of my initial complaint was that some of the changes made also appeared to change the conclusions some of my original articles presented - in essence giving an less that accurate portrayal of my thoughts on some details.

In fairness to my bro Larry, I must take some responsibility for the way this book was presented because these were details that didn't get addressed clearly enough before production was completed and I, unfortunately, regret this now. I did not notice these alterations before the book was completed, but as I said, they are very minor and I am not overly concerned about this issue any more. Larry's conclusions are well thought out, eloquently stated (though mixed with my words and not distinguished apart from them), but I can promise you he did not in any way try to deceptively manipulate anything I contributed to the work. All of his writings and arrangements were made freely available to me for review before the work went to print. There was some miscommunication, perhaps largely on my part, and he acted believing he had my full permission.

Through this experience I learned some things and I will be better prepared for the next time around (as I'm sure my friend Larry would say the same). I believe Larry is a sincere man of God, I count him as my good friend, and I don't judge him for his personal decisions concerning a work he labored intently on and put great expense into producing (and this book does contain some excellent examination of the tithe doctrine, which I highly recommend). I fully understand that publishing expenses these days can be high and I know Larry is not trying to get rich here (in fact, he and his awesome wife so graciously opened their home and hospitality to me and even blessed me with some cash as a thanks for the time, effort spent and fellowship shared; something I did not expect or ask for, but which they lovingly shared out of the goodness of their own heart). I am very much encouraged that Larry offers a free download of his book in addition to the purchase option, which tells me that his heart really is more interested in the message than any hope for renumeration.

I pray that every reader of the book will be encouraged. There is much good here to glean from.

Regarding those comments in the book that are attributed to my authorship (though they unfortunately appear in the book without footnotes), they are freely available on this website in various articles.